One thing we’ve learned here at Basso Marketing Agency over the last 18 years is that the road to developing a functioning, beautiful website is vast and varied. We like to assure our clients that there are many ways to achieve the desired result, and that we’ll work with your unique situation to create a conversion machine that will stand the test of time.

Here are some website development case studies that illustrate the flexibility an agency should display during the build-out process:

1. The “Things Have Changed Last Minute, Please Adapt!” Company. We know that with a bigger company comes stakeholders who make necessary decisions sometimes unpredictably. This was the case with Metal-Core Technologies. Mid-way through the build-out process, we learned that Metal-Core needed a website up and running much sooner than anticipated.

Our solution: publish a 3-page mini website with only the most important information users would look for. We continued the rest of the build-out as scheduled and eventually launched what you see today.

Moral of the story? Things can change, be quick on your feet.

Website development with Basso Marketing Agency in Rochester, Michigan

2. The “We Love Our Website… But the SEO Needs Help!” Company. Sometimes clients come to us with a website that doesn’t need much improvement from a functionality and design standpoint. However, as SEO experts, we often find that there are opportunities for optimization improvement on the front and backend of its platform. A good example of this scenario was with Rochester Dental Aesthetics, one of our dental neighbors.

Our solution: focus heavily for four to six weeks on keyword research, content writing, and SEO enhancements while keeping the website as is. By not focusing on the unnecessary and only dedicating the dentist’s budget toward SEO improvements, he saw an 1800% increase in the first 3 months.

Moral of the story? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it’s broke… fix it.

Website optimization with Basso Marketing Agency of Rochester, Michigan

3. The “Can We Build My Website Together?” Company. While most of our clients work in industries that don’t relate to technology or marketing in any way, it’s not totally uncommon to be approached by a client who knows what they’re doing and wants to split responsibilities of their website build-out. Content writing is the most frequent service that stays on a client’s plate; however, the situation was a little different with Phoenix Consultants Group. As a group of seasoned and experienced custom software developers, PCG needed assistance with website design and SEO – but not necessarily with coding.

Our solution: leverage Basso’s talented design department to create aesthetics that properly represented their brand, polish their messaging with SEO techniques, and leave the bulk of development duties for our client. By providing them with a clean, efficient hand-off, they were able to play a role in their own website build-out while leveraging our expertise in other areas.

Moral of the story? Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.

Website design with Basso Marketing Agency in Oakland County, Michigan

Basso Marketing Agency, our Rochester, MI marketing and website development agency, works with your unique situation to provide you with not only the best customer service but also an exceptional website and marketing strategy. If you’re looking for marketing solutions, contact us to chat today.