When it comes to marketing analytics, tracking, and research, it’s all about the tools. The right tools can unlock secrets you never even knew existed. The trick is to understand how to turn the key.

One of the benefits of hiring a marketing agency like Basso Marketing Agency is that we know how to use programs like SEMRush, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console for your benefit. We use these tools to kickstart marketing strategies, and then we continue to use them to determine the effectiveness of the work we are employing for your brand.

If our marketing analytics, tracking, and research shows that our efforts are bringing in the results you need, we kick it up a notch. If we find that efforts could be tweaked, we’ll do that too.

Without these powerful tools, however, marketing efforts are just a guessing game.

And marketing analysts don’t like games. They like real, concrete facts.

How We Use Marketing Analytics, Tracking, and Research to Grow Your Brand

In marketing, it’s important to identify what the search engines are looking for. That’s clear.

One aspect that is also important but not discussed as often is this: You don’t have to beat the ranking process. You only have to beat your competitors.

Knowing how to use analytics tools allows for more comprehensive competitor analysis, and it’s not easy. Not everyone can do it. It requires a natural ability to digest numbers, understand reports, and know how to use them to improve results.

To determine the steps we need to take for our clients, we spend time researching competitors, trending topics, and high-ranking search terms. We then manipulate those search terms to ensure they are specific and relevant to your brand.

We also set up analytics tracking to track certain events and goal completions/conversions to identify not only where traffic is coming from but what is contributing to those events and goals being tracked. As a result, we are able to allocate marketing strategies and dollars more effectively.

Our marketing analytics, tracking, and research efforts include creating brand reports to share with clients. These reports demonstrate findings so that clients can better understand their return on investment.

Through statistics and data research, we also regularly look for new opportunities to further optimize clients’ websites and social media strategies.

Understanding Your Audience

A great idea means very little if there’s no one there to be moved by it.

A great product means very little if there’s no one there to use it.

A great service means very little if there’s no one there to accept it.

When you develop a groundbreaking new concept, product or service, the next step is to determine who might want to use it. Identifying your potential buyers is a crucial element of success.

In addition to calculating the numbers and researching competitors, we can also identify your target audience. When we create the messaging for your brand on your website, in social posts, and in pay-per-click advertising, we can zero in on people who may be interested in your product.

As we capture more and more of these leads, we can continue to narrow down this field, creating a higher probability of these leads turning into conversions.

Dig Deeper with a Marketing Agency

Not only are these marketing analytics, tracking, and research tools complex and time-consuming, but they can also cost you a pretty penny every month if you try to do it alone.

When you work with our Rochester, Michigan-based marketing agency, you won’t need to pay for these tools. We already have them, and we know how to use them for your greatest benefit.

Contact us to learn more about how our statistical analysis will make the difference for your brand.