Have you seen “Inside Corporate Troy” lately? In a recent episode, host Ara Topouzian, president and CEO of the Troy Chamber of Commerce, sits down in our offices to chat with Managing Partner Dan Santonocito.

Briefly describing what Basso what was like back when he and Greg Basso founded it back in 2003, Dan discusses how the many technological and digital marketing changes over the years have transformed the face of the industry. Through it all, Basso has remained at the forefront by integrating these changes into the work.

Following are only some of the highlights of what you’ll see in the video:

  • When Basso first started, even iPads weren’t around. Back then, the work was mostly about desktops. Now, as Dan says, we start with mobile design and work outward.
  • Dan says he would recommend that businesses have their sites revamped every three years, not only to stay up-to-date with design principles and technological changes, but also to modernize content for greater brand awareness and SEO value.
  • It’s important for businesses to be active on as many social media accounts as possible because the search engines include these factors in their search results. “You want to get as many up there as you can because the more results you have on the first page,” Dan says, “the less your competitor has.”
  • Basso uses every outlet to help clients grow their brands. “Any piece of technology that we can use to promote a company, we do,” Dan says.
  • Topouzian notes that the Troy Chamber of Commerce is one of Basso’s clients, and he goes on to talk about how happy they are with the experience and their website. “The process from beginning to end was very smooth. You really went through what we were looking for, and we needed a refresh, and we get compliments every day about it,” Ara says.
  • As he’s sitting in our conference room, Mr. Topouzian can’t help but be impressed with the unique vibe and decor in here. Greg is to “blame” for that, Dan says jokingly, as Greg is all about creative design and modern trends — whether it’s guiding a client’s brand to adding unique elements that result in a one-of-a-kind office environment.

Want to see a little of what Mr. Topouzian saw? Want to learn more about Basso? Watch the video now!