We get a kick out of the fact that we met Meagan and Meghan on the same day, and that by chance they both blew us away during their interviews. Within a few days, they both had joined the Basso team, and now we couldn’t be more delighted to introduce our social media specialist and digital marketing assistant to you.

Meet Meghan Steingold

Social Media Specialist

Meghan Steingold has been hired as the social media specialist for the Basso digital agency in Troy, Michigan.

Meghan Steingold really takes the word “social” in her social media specialist title to a whole new level. The lifelong Michigan resident adds an incredible vibe and energy to our digital agency, and she’s already leaving an impact on our social media marketing clients.

The Michigan State University graduate, who lives in Ferndale and grew up in Huntington Woods, is responsible for conceptualizing, creating, and writing social media content across all brands. She also manages engagements and allocates the budget behind social media posts.

Prior to joining our team, she worked as a social media manager and intern for several prominent local brands, where she specialized in social media campaigns and designing graphics and manuals.

Her interest in journalism is what first led her to this field.

“I majored in journalism, and my initial love for the newsroom atmosphere drove me to social media, a world that never sleeps,” she said. “I enjoy a fast-paced environment, and I love the endless possibilities that come with advertising.”

In her free time, she enjoys watching any kind of movie, and she makes it a point every year to see nearly every Oscar-nominated film. Her inner Broadway star loves showtunes, and she takes pride in her love for most genres of music.

She also loves all things ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, so the Woodward Dream Cruise is a highlight of every year for her.

“The Dream Cruise lets me pretend I am a hippie and listen to great music and look at old cars,” she said. “I was raised on the Beach Boys and the Beatles, and until I was introduced to Backstreet Boys, that’s all that I knew.”

As a result, she gets to be “an old soul who appreciates dad-rock,” thanks to her father.

And today, she has another family, away from home.

“Basso is so welcoming,” Meg said. “I could not ask for better coworkers. I love the work I’m able to do and the support that I receive when needed. It’s a family here, and I could tell on the first day.”

Meet Meagan Welsh

Digital Marketing Assistant

Meagan Welsh has been hired as the digital marketing assistant for the Basso digital agency in Troy, Michigan.

“Doing a little of a whole lot” is the best way to describe Meagan’s responsibilities here, but the amazing work she accomplishes is critical in today’s social media-driven society.

Currently a resident of Oak Park, Meagan was raised in Sylvania, Ohio and is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University.

She chose the marketing field as a career because she finds that solving its challenges is very rewarding.

“It’s a very creative yet extremely important field, especially now,” Meagan said. “This is the age of social media, and if you don’t evolve with the latest trends, you’ll go extinct. I love the challenge of trying to stay on top of the latest trends and trying to create new ones. The ever-changing platforms and algorithms keep me on my toes and excited for what’s to come next.”

As our digital marketing assistant, some of her many roles include creating social media pages for clients on sites such as YouTube and Pinterest, engaging with target audiences and influencers online, researching hashtags for Instagram accounts, and assisting in keeping track of Basso’s website development projects.

Prior to joining Basso, she was a social media manager for a local spa, a sales associate for Lush Cosmetics, and a barista at Starbucks. In fact, she knows so much about makeup and coffee that she often writes about them in her own blog. In addition to maintaining her blog page, she enjoys reading novels and finding little hole-in-the-wall restaurants where she can sample new foods and drinks. She is a freelance model and has a “borderline unhealthy obsession with cheesecake.”

Career-wise, she said she has found exactly what she’s been searching for at our digital agency: “a team of brilliant and creative people who love what they do.”

Please join us in welcoming Meghan and Meagan to our team!

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