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Month: August 2018

Have you ever played the online app Logo Quiz? If you haven’t, you totally should. It’s really fun and challenging. They give you a logo without the name of the business, and you have to figure out which business it is. You’ll find yourself staring at some…

Have you seen “Inside Corporate Troy” lately? In a recent episode, host Ara Topouzian, president and CEO of the Troy Chamber of Commerce, sits down in our offices to chat with Managing Partner Dan Santonocito. Briefly describing what Basso what was like back when he and Greg…


The staff at Basso is prompt, reliable, knowledgeable and experts in their craft.  -Jeffrey Q.
The entire staff was very friendly and easy to work with while keeping us all on task to hit our deadlines.  -Richard Z.
We have been able to collaborate on many technology based projects that have pushed us ahead of our competition in our industry.  -Brian D.