Social media? At this point, it’s become completely natural. In a way, growing your social media following can be as simple as doing the things you do every day anyway. It can be as basic as going out to a fun event, taking an appropriate selfie, posting it online, and then chatting with your friends about it. Instagram specifically is a great outlet for growing your brand, as it seems that many businesses are more visible on Instagram these days than other social media outlets. In order to increase Instagram followers, the main thing you have to do is be visible while providing value to your viewers.

And that value can come in many different forms.


Smart Tactics that Will Help You Increase Instagram Followers

If you make use of all the resources available to you through Instagram, it will reflect in the number of followers you have and in your online rankings. Following are some tactics to increase Instagram followers that will help to ensure that search engines and your prospects not only see you as a trusted resource in your field, but also as a genuine, approachable business.


1. Post daily

One of the most basic ways to increase social media followers is to post regularly. So how often should you post on Instagram? At least once per day is the general standard. If you go overboard, you could overwhelm users or even lose face, and that’s really bad in the internet world.

If you own an art studio, for example, your post can be as simple as: “We are taking a field trip to the DIA today! Say hi if you see us!”


2. Have fun with videos

Videos are becoming more popular online, but keep the length of your videos to a minimum to avoid losing viewers. When created using smart digital marketing strategies, a 30-second video on Instagram should be more than enough to grab users’ attention while getting your point across concisely.

If you work in the automobile industry, for example, your Instagram video can be as simple as a 10-second clip from a metro Detroit area car cruise that you attended just for fun.


3. Craft attention-grabbing content

Eight seconds. … Eight. … 8!

That’s just about all you have to grab users’ attention, which is why you need extremely effective social media marketing tactics to make sure you can keep their focus long enough for them to view your post and then click on a link to your website. The more interested people are, the more likely they are to become regular followers.


4. Schedule your posts for optimal times

Once upon a time a long, long time ago – way back in 2013 or so – there were ideal times to post online. But so much has changed since then. Today, users commonly access their Instagram and other social media accounts via their digital devices, which they have in their hands all day long. That means there’s no ideal time to post online. But here’s the kicker: There is an ideal time for you to post online.

That’s why it’s important to analyze your website traffic and social media tactics. Once you determine when current customers and prospective future customers are most often on your site, you can schedule your posts in order to capture that audience around that time.


5. See what’s working and revamp as necessary

Again, use your website analytics to determine the most effective social media marketing strategies. If a certain Instagram post garnered a large number of comments, continue with similar tactics. If a different post was a complete fail, try to figure out why that was in order to avoid doing it again in the future.


6. Be real

People who follow you on Instagram want more than just what they see in a television commercial or on a sign on your building. You need to be personable, and you should kindly and maturely respond to their comments without getting into anything too controversial. That way, your followers will feel like they have a connection with you.

Your interaction can be as simple and fun as, “Glad you enjoyed your dessert. We love that ice cream flavor too!”


7. You follow too

Follow businesses you respect and follow your competitors.

Following organizations you respect, and having them follow you, will help you to build a quality reputation.

When it comes to following your competitors, well that’s just smart business sense.


8. Use hashtags wisely

Their importance is a little controversial these days, but hashtags still have their place. When you use them, avoid inappropriate, misused, or overused hashtags. Do use them, however, to make sure the right future Instagram followers see your posts.


9. Highlight your location

One search engine optimization principle that has stood the test of social media time is geographical tracking. As you post, include your location.

And hand-in-hand with that …


10. Strategically name drop with no shame

As you are posting, name people you meet or businesses in the local area that you visit. It helps followers relate to you, and also grabs their attention and the attention of their followers. Try to mention businesses that relate to yours or that your prospects might frequent.

If you are a caterer, for example, your post could be something like: “I am so happy with the produce I bought today from (#shameless name drop) for a party I’m catering at (#shameless name drop) for (#shameless name drop).” You get the idea.


11. Be original

People want to get something out of following you, even if it’s just amusement. They don’t want routine, systematic, unenthusiastic posts. Come up with some original ideas, and share them in fun ways. Stand out in order to increase and keep Instagram followers.


Have Someone Else Do the Work for You

Making yourself known as the trusted resource in your field via social media posts is a full-time job in and of itself. Social media posting, website analytics, content writing, and so much more takes a massive amount of time.  If you truly want to increase Instagram followers, you will need help.

Our brand and digital marketing agency team knows the tricks of the trade to help ensure the continued growth of your brand, both online and offline. Talk with us to learn more about how our digital marketing strategies can help you. Call us at (248) 530-6000 or e-mail us at