Despite what you may have heard, email marketing definitely remains an effective tool to grow your business. The trick, however, is to be able to capture recipients’ attention and make it so they can’t resist opening the email  – and then hopefully clicking on that strategically placed CTA within the email that leads to your site. Marketing email subject lines, specifically, can make or break the effectiveness of your email, so it’s important to use smart techniques to ensure your efforts won’t be swiped into the trash.


4 Tips for Creating Effective Marketing Email Subject Lines

  1. Short and sweet is where it is. Short headlines are more effective for at least two reasons. First, even though you should optimize your emails for all digital devices, you want to avoid the possibility of your headline cutting off because it doesn’t fit on someone’s screen. Next, a shorter headline can be read with one glance. Your recipient will literally get the full scope of what you’re saying immediately.
  2. Tailor marketing email subject lines to each user. If you know the names of your recipients (and you should), personalize the emails by addressing each recipient by his or her first name.
  3. Be cleverly mysterious: You don’t want the subject line to be so mysterious that the recipients don’t know what the email is about at all. You also don’t want to appear like you’re trying way too hard, as it could repel recipients. You do, however, want to pique their curiosity just enough to make sure they open your email.
  4. Make it relevant: Just like the body of your email, the subject line should reflect a sense of urgency and timeliness. You want your recipients to stop what they’re doing and open the email at that moment, rather than deciding to maybe, possibly open it later.


Get Help

Today, only about 24 percent of all marketing emails are opened, but with the right strategies and the right digital marketing team behind you, you can have a much more powerful email campaign.

In addition to writing eye-catching subject lines, a lot of technique must go into crafting smart marketing emails overall. When done properly, email is an excellent tool that can lead to more conversions. When done improperly, however, it can literally be devastating to your business.

That’s why it’s important to work with a skilled digital marketing agency that will help you proceed with caution while at the same time capturing the attention of more of your prospects.

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