“So what’s it all for anyway? My business provides tons of different services, and our clients love us. Who cares if we don’t have a consistent messaging? We’re trying to reach different clients anyway, right?” … If that’s how you’ve been thinking, you’ve probably posed some good questions. But here are the answers you need to know about why consistent messaging is important.

1. It’s for the growth of your brand.

When people want your product, they should think of your brand first. You don’t want them to think of your competitors’ services or overlook your products. A certain image or feeling should make them think of you in relation to the product they need, drawing more people to your business. Minor inconsistencies such as brand color deviations or excessive calls-to-action can and will confuse your audience, causing a negative impact on the success of your campaigns.

2. Your current clients love you. Will they be there tomorrow?

Your clients will only use your services for so long. You can’t rely on your present customers forever. They will move away, age, or no longer require your product or service. And once they’re gone, what do you have left?

You need to raise brand awareness in order to continue to grow in the future. That’s where word-of-mouth and strong branding is pivotal to your marketing techniques. Think about some of the products you used or consumed when you were growing up. Did you start using them because your parents or grandparents handed them to you? We thought so.

That’s not to say top brands don’t change over time, of course. No doubt, as you grew older, you chose your own brands … and your young children saw what you brought home.

3. Consistent messaging is important in more ways than you know.

Not only is it important to get your clients to think of your brand first, but it’s also crucial to get your employees and managers on the same page. If one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing, the effectiveness of your messaging and the results of all your marketing efforts would be difficult to analyze.

Everyone should have a feel for where your business is going and roll with it.  The more everyone is on the same page, the more aggressive your marketing campaign will be, and that’s important if you have a goal of surpassing your competitors quickly.

4. If you want to reach different prospects for your various products, consistent messaging is the key.

Let’s say you sell skin care products. One customer needs the newest and greatest wrinkle removing lotion, and another customer wants face glow makeup for an upcoming party at a nightclub. Yes, they are two very different customers, and most likely thousands of other similar scenarios exist. However, you want all of these individuals to think of you first, because they know you have the excellent product that they need.

And how do you do that? By doing all of the above: using consistent messaging and creative marketing techniques to grow your brand, and continuing to do so over time. It’s important to keep up with the times, but ultimately remain true to your brand.

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