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Breaking news: Print advertising is back in style! But wait. Did it ever go anywhere at all? … Top marketing firms in Michigan, such as ours, have embraced the power of digital marketing and run with it full force in recent years, but that doesn’t mean direct…

You provide quality products and services to your customers. You treat your employees kindly. You enjoy what you do, and you are genuinely proud at the end of the day. And that’s great! That’s the way it should be! But are you forgetting something? While you’re great…


The staff at Basso is prompt, reliable, knowledgeable and experts in their craft.  -Jeffrey Q.
The entire staff was very friendly and easy to work with while keeping us all on task to hit our deadlines.  -Richard Z.
We have been able to collaborate on many technology based projects that have pushed us ahead of our competition in our industry.  -Brian D.