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Attracting new patients, retaining existing ones and promoting your high-value patient care services is key to growing a successful practice. Knowing how to effectively do that is no easy task. That is why we have developed a proven revenue-generating solution through our collaboration with some of the most successful dentists and dental practices in the industry.

We know what attracts patients and the services that gets them to engage with your practice. No guessing, simply a tried-and-true targeted solution personalized to your practice and your patients. Experience growth immediately within your first month.

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Proven Revenue Generating Solution - Validated by Your Peers.

Built with firsthand experience and knowledge from dentists who have a deep understanding of the clinical aspects of dentistry, patient expectations, and the business side of running a successful dental practice.

Functions Autonomously and Does Not Require Your Time or Resources.

We understand running a dental practice along with attending to patient needs absorbs all your time. Our solution is made to run without any required interaction from you or your staff.

Low Cost, No Long-term Commitment, Truly Month-to-month.

We are confident our solution will generate revenue boosting results month-over-month that there is no need for any long-term contract or commitment. Cancel at any time.

Receive an average of 5 to 10+ new patient inquiries each month.

Maintaining a steady flow of new patient inquiries is important to keeping a practice viable. On average our clients see 5 – 10 new patient inquires a month ensuring they always have an active patient base even in a slow market or with patient turnover.

Promotes your high-value patient care services to new and existing patients.

Your high-value specialty services, such as Invisalign, surgical procedures, cosmetic enhancements, etc., are crucial to not only increasing your revenue but also keeping your current patient base engaged. Our solution intelligently targets missed revenue opportunities and helps grow them.

Quickly yields results 24/7.

A lot of other solutions take months to yield results. Our solution immediately goes to work and drives qualified results 24/7 without any interruption.

Don't just take our word for it

See what we have done for other practices this past month:


"When I purchased my dental practice, I engaged Basso for all of my digital, marketing, and business growth strategies. They immediately worked on growing my practice.

The response from patients has been PHENOMENAL."

"To a healthcare professional and specialist, like myself, it is crucial to reach and educate our patients. For me to reach them online, I needed help. I went through a list of other marketing specialists and the best results I've had came with Basso.

My purpose is the make people healthier and be more confident with their smiles, and Basso helped ACHIEVE THAT GOAL through various digital channels."

"I acquired my practice through the unexpected execution of a succession plan. Engaging the services of Basso, they guided me on how to successfully grow a dental practice. They immediately began by assessing the current state of the practice, working towards a refresh of my marketing, connecting with current patients, and attracting new ones.

I couldn't be happier with the RESULTS"

With over 20 years of experience in the dental industry,

we have a proven track record of helping grow dental practices, like yours, by effectively driving new patients and increased revenue opportunities which in turn guarantees the sustainability of your practice for years to come.

Our solution was developed through a strong collaboration of some of the most successful dental practices and dental groups across the country. It is through that collaboration we identified the areas of true earning potential to responsibly grow a practice. No guessing, just measured, qualified results that will yield higher than expected ROI.

We Are Investing In Your Practice!

Your success is our success, and we are committed to your practice.

When you sign up with Basso Marketing Agency, you will receive $2,500 in Google Advertising to jump start new revenue opportunities for your practice.

That is a lot of advertising that can make a significant impact in the immediate growth of your practice.

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