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Graphic Design in Marketing: How Natural Talent Makes the Difference

The most important element of graphic design in marketing is natural talent. This image depicts a laptop with a black and white image of a pencil sketch of a face.

Not everybody can do it. It takes pure, natural talent and a keen eye. It’s central to building brand awareness, and it’s a key to attracting attention. It tells what a business is all about without saying a thing.

We’re talking about graphic design in marketing, of course, and it’s been one of Basso’s foundational pillars since Day One.

We’ve grown tremendously since then, expanding into digital marketing, video creation, social media marketing, and so much more. Through it all, our marketing agency still has the best graphic design team in southeast Michigan, and our expertise only gets stronger with every website built and every flyer created.

Graphic Design in Marketing: How We Apply the 7 Basic Elements

Our professional graphic designers here in Rochester not only understand the basic elements, but understand how to deploy them in their work like no one else can. They also know the right tools to use and when to use them, which isn’t always clear to others.

The seven basic elements of graphic design are:

We’re not going to provide a full course on graphic design in marketing here. You would be here for a long, long time.

But here’s just a little glimpse of what our graphic designers do to create powerful website designs, beautiful brochures, engaging marketing emails, and so much more for our marketing clients.


Although it’s become more defined over the years, the color wheel was originally developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1706. According to the basic principles of graphic design, colors that appear directly opposite or beside each other on the color wheel tend to produce the most pleasing combinations.


A website designer knows how to use lines to create interest, separate elements, merge elements, define a brand, and entice website visitors to spend more time on a page. Those lines don’t even have to be visible; in some cases, they exist only in the designer’s mind’s eye.


In design, the word “scale” isn’t about size as much as it is the relationship between elements. Designers use scaling concepts to draw viewers’ eyes to what they want them to see, as well as to create intricate, beautiful patterns.


Shape is an integral concept of any piece. Designers use not only the shape itself, but the shape around the shape. Shapes can represent the essence of a brand, and they can be used to highlight certain features. Shapes can also be used in unison to create intricate designs.


Alignment is about the location of text and art in order to create a balanced, organized piece.


Contrast is based on using opposing colors, light, and sizes to create visual interest or draw attention to particular elements. Contrast allows designers to create vivid images and website designs that look professional, polished, and clear. Contrast also makes content easy to see and understand.


Knowing how and when to take advantage of space — or not — is a critical element of creating clean, functional website designs, marketing emails, and print collateral. Sometimes, you need to fill the space; in other situations, white space is exactly what you need in order to make the design more cohesive and improve the user experience. Being able to identify when and how to use space requires talent as well as the skill that comes with experience.

We Make Designs Work for Your Brand

From conceptualizing logos that represent your brand to creating social media posts with a consistent personality, the graphic designers in our marketing agency are second to none at what they do.

Just check out these beautiful websites, made by Basso:

If you are looking for a graphic design team for your marketing needs, a website redesign, or other marketing services, call our marketing agency in Rochester or message us through our website.

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