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Logos that Nail It: How to Create the Perfect Symbol of You

Logos that Nail It: How to Create the Perfect Symbol of You

Have you ever played the online app Logo Quiz? If you haven’t, you totally should. It’s really fun and challenging. They give you a logo without the name of the business, and you have to figure out which business it is. You’ll find yourself staring at some logos for several seconds and repeating out loud in frustration, “I know this! I’ve seen this! What is it?” For others, you’ll know them without a doubt, tapping the answers like nobody’s business.

As you’re creating a logo for your business, the first scenario is good – because at least they recognize the logo. But what you really want to aim for is the second: your logo should scream your name and be instantly recognizable.

Consider Nike’s logo. It’s just a check mark. Really. A simple check mark. And as soon as you see it, you’re inspired to get off the couch and go for a run.

But how do you do what Nike did? How do you create a logo that not only stands out, but also stands the test of time?


9 Elements Every Logo Should Include

  1. Simplicity: Stick with only a few colors, lines, and shapes. You don’t want to confuse people with too many elements and concepts.
  2. Boldness: Don’t be shy. Your logo is supposed to capture attention!
  3. Timeliness and Timelessness: This here is a little tricky. It’s important to strike a balance between modern – so that people know you are relevant – and timelessness so that the logo doesn’t get old. You can touch it up a little over time with more vivid color or thicker lines, for instance, but if you change the logo too much or completely, you’ll defeat the purpose of having one.
  4. Your Colors: Choose the colors you want for your brand and base your logo off that. When people see your logo, they should not only be able to identify the logo, but also relate to the business itself.
  5. Uniqueness: Whatever you do, don’t copy anyone else. Be original. Be unique. Be yourself. Standing out as the one-and-only is the whole reason for creating a logo to begin with, after all.
  6. Adaptability: You should be able to scale down or blow up the logo to just about any reasonable size without having it lose its luster or detail.
  7. Two-in-one: Along those lines, if you include letters in your logo, make sure you can separate the letters from the logo if necessary while maintaining the integrity of both. This is important in case you are forced to scale down the logo for use in marketing materials to a size where the letters would not be legible.
  8. The Right Message: The tone should be appropriate for your clientele and the services you provide. A 1950s-themed diner might have a trendy and fun yet classic logo, for example, while a medical center’s logo would represent maturity, reliability, and comfort.
  9. Attractiveness: You can incorporate each and every one of the elements every logo should include, but you still want something that simply looks good.


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No one said this would be easy! Chances are, you’ll go through several logo designs and revisions before choosing the right one for your brand. You also will need to find someone with the artistic skills and abilities to create a logo you love that also features all of the elements every logo should include.

So make it just a bit easier on yourself and have an experienced design and marketing team help you! To learn more about our branding and design services, see our website or call us at (248) 530-6000.

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