“Should I post that image on our Instagram or Facebook stories? What size should I print that brochure? Did I return that call that I was supposed to? What’s the subject of my next email campaign? How do I even identify people to send those emails to? What is this next meeting about? Where is my head? Better yet, where are my keys? Let me outta here!”

If that sounds like you on any particular day, yup, you’re a victim of the “too much to juggle” syndrome. But don’t call in sick just yet. There’s a cure.

What’s the cure? It’s simple. It’s called help, and it’s our specialty.

Right about now, you may be thinking, “Sure, I know you can help me, but tell my boss that.”

Well, if you really want us to, we can, but let’s start right here with you. You can convince your boss to hire a digital marketing agency to help you if you know the right tactics and the right words to say. Try these arguments.

“Let’s Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to Help Me Because …”

1. They can enhance what we’re already doing.

Right now, I’m handling our social media accounts to a certain point, but they can take that to a higher level. I’m writing website content and blogs, but they will do it with deeper SEO strategies and audience engagement in mind. They can take more time to watch our competitors. They can design prettier brochures, and so much more.

I’m great at what I do, but as a part of my team, they can fill in where I don’t have time.

2. They have the tools and resources, so we won’t have to invest in those products.

You know very well that we won’t use them to their fullest power anyway. And they can be really expensive!

3. We don’t have to do this forever. Let’s experiment and see what happens.

Having me continue to do this alone isn’t an option if we truly want to grow. Let’s try hiring a digital marketing agency and see what happens. It’s better than hiring one person who you will have to pay on a regular basis. Besides, that one person will probably only know one or two aspects of the 20 or so aspects that the whole marketing team can provide.

4. As they crunch the numbers, they’ll kick it up a notch.

Our software is outdated. Modern CRM technology can tell us more about visitors to our website, which social media platforms are working best for us, how long visitors are spending on our website, and much more. And as we all know, understanding our target audience is the first step in gathering leads and creating conversions.

In order to convince your boss to hire a digital marketing agency to help you, remember to discuss all of the potential benefits, such as greater brand awareness, stronger web development, enhanced content marketing, social media marketing, greater website domain authority, and more.

5. It will give me more time to focus on sales and other internal matters.

They can focus on the marketing side, and each time they bring me sales-qualified leads, I can take it from there.

6. Several heads are better than one … especially because I still can’t seem to find mine.

They can also help us brainstorm new ideas to keep up with modern trends. They see what’s working in other businesses in our line of work, so we can take advantage of these methods.

7. Skilled full-stack website developers are few and far between. What they do is no joke.

Remember that time Steve broke the Internet last year because he swore he could do something that he was nowhere near qualified to do? We had to pay someone for hours to fix it. On top of that, it cost us potential revenue during that time.

It’s like fixing a car; everyone in the neighborhood thinks they can do it, but they don’t come close to knowing what true auto mechanics do. In fact, they end up spending more time trying to fix something that a skilled mechanic can do in a few minutes. It’s the same principle.

And that makes me think of another thing. …

8. Website security isn’t something to take lightly.

Get this: there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds. Cyber security breaches have been known to bring multi-million dollar, national companies down. In fact, the average cost of a data breach is $150 million! Imagine what something like that could do to us!

If we hire a digital marketing agency that offers website development and hosting, they put systems in place to help protect us from malware and other cyber threats. And in the event something does go wrong, they can address it faster than we can. This aspect alone would make up for our expense.

9. ROI is about money, but also so much more.

Sure, there is an expense involved in hiring a digital marketing agency, but just think about the rewards. We’ll benefit from greater brand recognition, reputation management, professional designs, a modern website, a stronger social media presence, greater domain authority, business longevity, and the ability to compete with those people down the street. We’re way better than them, and it’s time the world hears it!

10. They can help us budget and manage paid advertising.

With so many options out there for pay-per-click marketing, I really can’t keep track of it all on my own. It’s a full-time job in itself, and in today’s landscape, digital advertising is a must.

11. They have connections … in a good way, of course.

If you consider all the other businesses that they’ve worked with in the past, it could help us build partnerships and maybe even find influencers to help grow our brand.

Did You Win the Argument?

If so, that’s great! Way to stand your ground! Now, start putting your words into action. When you’re ready to start growing your team, we’re here for you. Contact us online or give us a call at (248) 530-6000.

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