There are so many ways to engage customers today, from face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and events to web marketing and social media.  All of these are great ways to build business, especially if you’re using them to their fullest.  Focusing on social media, one of the best opportunities you have is LinkedIn.  Maybe you already have an account or are thinking about getting one.  Either way you’ll want to maximize followers on LinkedIn with a few tricks of the trade.

1. Use your full company name on LinkedIn. Make sure it’s not a nickname or acronym that only employees would know.

2. Complete your company’s profile so people can easily get more information. Make sure you include a description, website URL, the size of your company, industry, and locations.

3. Include your logo or an interesting picture as your profile photo. This can help grab people’s attention.

4. Post frequently on LinkedIn with useful and quality content – company news, upcoming events, and YouTube videos from your company or about your business.

5. Include links in your posts that drive people to your website and other information on your website.

6. Make sure your posts include photographs. It’s easy to skim by posts that are just words, but it’s more captivating when those same posts have images.

7. Establish a regular time that you post each day or each week. Your audience will get used to seeing you at that time.

8. Post during busier hours, which are usually morning and midday. If you post after hours, your post may get lost in the news feed.

9. Make multiple employees administrators of the site – maybe someone from your marketing team, sales team, engineering, and product development. That way different organizations within your company can post about the great things they’re working on.

10. Include a LinkedIn “follow” button on your website and other digital communications (emails and newsletters). With one click your followers can connect with you.  It’s best to put this link in the footer of your website or at the bottom of your digital asset. Otherwise it may affect load time.

11. Promote your LinkedIn follow button on other social media sites and encourage those followers to follow you on LinkedIn, as well.

12. Get your employees engaged. Ask them to create a LinkedIn profile and include your company name as their place of work.  They’ll automatically become followers by including the company name, and when others search for them, your company will be front and center.

13. Take part in LinkedIn groups that relate to your industry or where your company would be of interest to those in the group.  Post or comment regularly so the group sees activity from your company.

14. Analyze your LinkedIn data to see what posts are getting the most traffic. If it’s something like the announcement of a new product, post about other new products.  If it’s an employee recognition, you’ll want to post more about your employees.

By incorporating these suggestions into your social media marketing, you should see an uptick on followers, which is great business for everyone.

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