Ask just about anyone on the Basso team what they love to do, and “travel” will likely be at the top of the list.  We have to admit that our newest graphic designer, Asia Fitzgerald, has most of us beat.

Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, England, China, and France are among the countries she’s visited, and the place that remains closest to her heart is the spectacular Thailand, where she was born and raised.

Asia relocated to Rochester Hills, Michigan with her family when she was in high school. She later attended Oakland University, majoring in graphic design.

Living with so much beauty around her in Thailand, Asia naturally gravitated toward art. Although she is skilled in drawing and enjoys still-life painting, she realized that graphic design in marketing would give her the ability to use her talents to help others.

“I wanted to get into a business where I could showcase my work,” she said.

And that she’s done. Since she began with Basso, she has created many website designs and print designs for several of our clients.

“I love it,” she said of working with us at Basso. “People are just so friendly.”

She said she loves the environment, which she describes as “interactive.” As a designer, getting opinions from other people is helpful, so she appreciates the ability to bounce ideas off people from other departments within our agency.

Outside of work, she enjoys reading mystery thrillers and watching horror movies. She also loves spicy food, with Thai being her favorite, of course. She also played the piano for 10 years, performing publicly at several concerts.

Between painting, graphic design, and music, art is clearly in her spirit. And we love being able to watch her make art come to life.

Please join us in welcoming Asia to the Basso team!