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The Power of Automation in Marketing

The power of automation in marketing has enhanced results for Michigan businesses.

You’ve seen the photos, commercials, and movies … marketing professionals drowning in mounds of paperwork filled with pie charts and graphics.

Well, forget about all that. That’s history … sort of. We still refer to similar statistics and analytical data to identify your prospects and track results, but the power of automation has changed how the reports look. You won’t find all those papers scattered all over our desks. In fact, some of us can’t even remember the last time we used the printer here.

Automation has transformed the way we work, and it’s made life better for us, our customers, and those poor trees out there.

5 Ways We Use the Power of Automation in Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Automating tasks allows your business to free up your team from many repeated actions and concentrate on more important duties and tasks, like customer service or brainstorming solutions.

Here are five ways we use the power of automation to enhance and simplify marketing efforts for your brand.

1. Automated Marketing Emails

We identify where your prospects are in the buyer journey and fire off tailored content to different groups depending on which stage they are in. The ultimate goal is to raise conversion rates, and email marketing is an extremely powerful tool to truly identify prospects who are interested in your product.

If they click on your emails and read them, great! If they never do, that’s OK too. We can simply take those individuals off the email list, allowing you to focus on leads who are most likely to convert.

2. Instant Notifications

Automated notifications are particularly helpful for follow-ups when someone sends you an email.

As we design your website, we can incorporate these options to capture your audience. If a visitor to your website fills out a form for more information, you will receive an email about it, for example.

This applies to many different platforms, including your social media pages.

3. Social Media Scheduler

Automating social media posts is an incredible timesaver.

Without social media post scheduling platforms, you would have to post everything by hand onto multiple platforms every day to make sure your posts go out at the optimal time, on the best platform, on the right day. That means you would be staring at your phone or computer virtually all day, every day. (Yes, we mean at night too, especially if you represent a multinational corporation or otherwise operate in multiple time zones.)

Operating this way is clearly out of the question, which is why there are a multitude of social media scheduling platforms available that allow you to schedule the time, day, platform, and frequency of posts all in one or two steps.  Best of all, we can do it for you, so you won’t have to worry about it at all — day or night.

4. Customer Relationship Management & Lead Flow

Customer relationship management platforms enable you to stay in contact with your leads and follow them along in their buyer journey. Every touchbase, therefore, can apply to where they are in the purchase decision, which may encourage them to move forward.

For example, if users wish to download a resource, you can send them emails right away to allow them to download that resource. You can then continue to send them scheduled automated emails with additional information on the topic to help them move down along the funnel.

5. Automated Analytics Reporting

Analytical data is the catalyst when it comes to marketing automation.

There’s no longer a need for analysts to pound away at those calculators and make charts to help clients see the progress. The answers are right there on platforms like Google Analytics, and the results are so much more comprehensive. Analytics platforms can identify the general area where your prospects are when they’re on your website, their approximate ages, their careers, their hobbies, whether they’re using a desktop or mobile device, whether or not they click on a link in an email, and so much more.

By understanding consumer behavior, you can better determine which marketing efforts are working and which efforts could use some tweaking.

Smarter Business Growth Strategies with Basso Marketing Agency

We’ve been developing websites and marketing Michigan businesses for a long time here. But every now and then it still blows our minds how much information can be streamlined and gleaned through ever-advancing automation solutions.

The power of automation in marketing makes a difference from the first stage to the last, literally. Automated tools and programs can identify your prospects from Day One, communicate with them along the buyer journey, and then delight them even after they convert to ensure they stick with you for years — and possibly even become stewards of your brand.

Are you ready to take your business growth strategies to the next level? Reach out to us, and we’ll tell you more about how we use marketing automation to identify your prospects, increase your conversion rates, and continually grow awareness of your brand.

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