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How to Use Google My Business to Enhance Digital Marketing Efforts

Using Google My Business enhances digital marketing efforts. In this image, a woman is looking at the Google homepage on a tablet.

Using Google My Business to promote your small- or medium-sized business really isn’t an option anymore. At the most basic level, it’s how your business is found online. But it’s also much more than that.

If you know how to use Google My Business to enhance digital marketing efforts, you can maintain a more competitive business online, advertise your services, promote positive reviews, and provide your customers with regular updates that they need to know.

It’s important to treat your Google My Business account like other social media platforms. Update it regularly with relevant information that entertains your consumers or answers their questions. You might not see results instantly, but you will if you post consistently. Keep in mind that your competitors’ businesses might have existed longer than yours has, so they may have had a head start in building their online reputations. That’s not to say you can’t surpass them, but it might take time.

Keep your Google My Business profile updated by:

A GMB (that’s what us marketers call it!) account serves as a one-stop resource about your business. It provides the technical details that your prospects may need to know, such as your phone number, and it serves as an advertising tool due to the ability to post photos, reviews, and services.

One of the greatest benefits of using Google My Business to enhance digital marketing efforts is that you control how your brand is perceived. You should ensure that it reflects accurate information about your business so that you can properly compete with others who provide similar services. As an example, here’s Basso Marketing Agency’s GMB to reference.

Finally, it allows prospects and loyal customers to interact with your business by posting reviews and their own photos. Visitors appreciate when photos are uploaded by outside sources, as those photos typically provide a fresh, unbiased perspective.

Working with an experienced vendor like Basso Marketing Agency is important as you are trying to enhance your Google My Business profile. New features arise on a regular basis within the tool, but it may be time consuming for a business owner to keep up with these changes.

New features rolled out within the last year include:

Keeping a GMB account updated requires plenty of time and oversight. For help setting up and maintaining an account as a part of a comprehensive marketing plan, contact Basso Marketing Agency in Rochester, Michigan. We’re here to help.

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