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Where Everyone Knows Your Name: Web Developer Returns Home to Basso

Web Developer Tejas Desai has returned to the Basso marketing agency in Troy.

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Those of us who have been here awhile were beyond thrilled to hear that Tejas Desai was coming back. Those of us who are newer to Basso quickly understood why.

Tejas’s lively personality adds a fun vibe to an already upbeat atmosphere here at our Troy-based marketing agency.

Tejas had worked for Basso for more than three years as a web developer beginning in 2013, but left to pursue other opportunities. When a similar position was made available here late last year, he was grateful for the chance to return because he enjoys the work and environment at Basso that much more.

Here, he feels that he is able to use his artistic and creative talents on a higher level, and he appreciates that Basso provides all of its employees with the ability to create a viable work-life balance.

He also thoroughly appreciates what the job of a developer entails, which he describes as “taking someone’s imagination and making it a reality.”

A designer conceptually draws the picture, and a developer puts the building blocks together in order to create it for the world to see, he explains.

“She makes the picture. I make the picture real,” he said, adding that he takes pride in the craftsmanship of his work.

One significant change at Basso from the time he left until the time he returned is abundantly clear: the staff nearly doubled in size during those two years. But the welcoming, supportive environment he liked so much hasn’t changed a bit.

Born in Michigan and raised in Indiana, Tejas has a degree in multimedia fine arts from Wayne State University. He currently resides in Warren and is a former resident of Troy.

His parents are from India, and he greatly values his Indian heritage. He’s a self-proclaimed “Star Wars nerd,” as well as a fan of comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy. He is skilled in playing numerous instruments, including the guitar, drums, and keyboards, and he’s learning to play some Indian instruments such as the tubla and harmonium.

He has one nephew and one niece, both of whom he adores, and he is looking forward to becoming an uncle to a second niece in March.

Whether you remember Tejas from his first round at Basso or will now get to know him as our newest developer, please join us in welcoming him – back – to our team.

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