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How People Judge Your Business’s Authenticity

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Insincerity is painfully obvious. No one likes “fake,” whether it’s in writing or in mannerisms, and it’s usually easy to see. When it comes to your online and offline personas, people judge your business’s authenticity and then use it to determine whether or not they want to use your product or service. In some cases, that might not be “fair,” but it’s true.

Taking it a step further, search engines also can read through a business’s dishonest or insincere activities online, and that will diminish the business’s credibility and online rankings.

Fortunately, there are many ways to control how you are viewed in the public eye, and they all have one common denominator: You have to be real.


Addressing How People Judge Your Business’s Authenticity

Online, offline, by phone, in writing, in speaking, and so much more. People judge your business’s authenticity from a variety of sources. Your job is to make sure they see you as you want to be seen.


Controlling the Perception

When it comes to controlling how you are perceived in the public eye, it’s about both personal integrity and the integrity of your business. With sincerity and a genuine desire to help others, you will appear authentic to your current and future customers.

It’s important, however, to first determine how you want your brand to be perceived, and that’s where we come in. Talk to us to start the process of creating and growing a more comprehensive brand image. Get in touch with us through our Basso website, by phone at (248) 530-6000, or by e-mail at

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